Certificate Requirements

Posted by Paul Prociv on September 11, 2013

Requirements may be completed at your own pace anytime prior to graduation for any UW Tacoma student.

                                           REQUIREMENTS IN BRIEF


 checkbox.jpg 5 Workshops

           -Attend “Leadership 101”

           -Attend any 4 other workshops (RSVP here)

 checkbox.jpg 5 Mentor Sessions

           -Invite any staff/faculty to be your leadership mentor

           -Engage in 5 mentor sessions

 checkbox.jpg 50 Hours Community Work

           - 50 hours of paid or unpaid community work**

 checkbox.jpg 1 E-portfolio (Completed AFTER all 5 workshops)

           -Complete your Workshop Reflection Tracker

           -Complete a group project, application and reflection

           -Complete final certificate reflection

 checkbox.jpg 1 Group Project (Completed after ALL 5 workshops)

            -Complete one large team project**


   **(Please use the work/school/volunteer projects you are already doing)**