LEAD Workshop Dates

Posted by Paul Prociv on September 11, 2013


Upcoming Workshops and Events

Have you seen an event that you think should count for LEAD credit?

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Leadership101 LEAD 101 (Required)

April 6th @ 12:30 (UWY 105)

Gain an overview of leadership theory and establish your own framework/path for leadership growth.  Put theory into practice with activities and begin to think intentionally about your leadership development.  If you are unable to make this time you may also set up a 45 minute appointment with Paul Prociv through MAT 103 or by emailing paulpro@uw.edu.

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Husky Spring Training

Leadership Conference

April 10th 2-7pm (Alder Commons, Seattle Campus)

Travel with UWT Students to our Tri-Campus Leadership Conference! This is event counts for 2 LEAD workshop credits.   To register for this event and/or to travel with UWT Students please register below.

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  Frames & Stereotypes

April 15th @ 12:30 (CP 206c)

Leadership starts at home.  When was the last time you caught yourself making an assumption?  We make them all the time, but how aware are we of them?    Leadership starts with knowing yourself. We will explore your perspectives, societal frames and stereotypes that inform your way of thinking.

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 Making Meetings Matter

April 22nd @ 12:30 (CP 103)

Feeling like your meetings could be more productive?  Gain some tools, tips and  leave with practical plans to improve the efficiency of your meetings.  From participants to meeting facilitators, everyone will gain from this simple workshop.

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Cultivating A Team

May 4th @ 12:30 (CP 206c)

Bryan Reynolds, owner and creator of Anthem Coffee will discuss the business of baristas: building culture that serves employees, coffee and community.

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 University Y Student Center


 Building Partnerships

May 6th  @ 12:30 (UWY 103)

What does it take to start and sustain partnerships.  Meet partners from the New UW-Y Student Center. Gain tools and tips for your organization, club or any team project.

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Organization Handoffs

May 13th @ 12:30 (UWY 103)

You’ve worked hard and made improvements.  Don’t let them go to waste with a rushed transition. Learn some practical tips for transitioning your club or organization to new leadership.

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Stress Relief in a Mindful Way

Every Wednesday 12:30-1:30pm in CP 007 (may only count 1 session toward LEAD)

In this open group you will learn mindfulness through a variety of guided awareness exercises which include body relaxation, breathing, and movement. Save the date!  Mindfulness is a scientifically researched and powerful method for reducing stress, managing pain, increasing focus, regulating emotions, and increasing ones sense of wellbeing and happiness. Brought to you by the Student Counseling Center's Rita Ashirova. More information @ weeklymindfulnessuwt.wordpress.com

 IMPORTANT: To receive credit please email paulpro@uw.edu with answers to the following questions (here).  



See an Event Not Listed?  It may count toward your workshop requirement

If you have an idea of a workshop that touches on leadership and you feel can help you develop your skills, values and perspective as a leader email paulpro@uw.edu with your petition before you attend.   Please include:

    1.  The host description of the event (ie brochure, webpage etc)

    2.  Tell why you think this can help develop your skills, values and/or perspectives on leadership.                 

    3.  What will you hope to get out of this event/workshop.