A Call for a New Constitution

ASUWT has charged itself with a higher standard for student representation.

We have a student government?  Why? What does it do?

     Currently our student government (ASUWT) is responsible for representing and engaging UW Tacoma administration in key decision making processes.  They appoint students to critical UW Tacoma committees that inform the services students are provided. They also conduct their own committees that distribute Student Technologies and Fee money, lobby for students’ issues (think lower tuition) in Olympia, and field concerns, and initiatives important to the student body. They are your informed representatives and voice to your university.


 Why a new ASUWT constitution?

      Recently, administration brought to ASUWT’s attention that the current structure and description of our officials are unclear.  Namely, it is difficult to determine who may be considered “the governing body” (those ultimately responsible for the student government).  Is it our Senators or our President?  Not only is this a legal question, it is also a question that highlights the dual role Senators currently play as legislators and executives.  They often play the executive role by conducting events, not just passing legislation on behalf of students.  For this reason the ASUWT Senate and the President have lead the charge to re-write a constitution that is clearer and more responsive to the students of ASUWT Tacoma.  The Senate passed and the President signed Bill 010-AU13(B) establishing a Governing Documents Committee that currently calls for any student to attend and participate in. 


Posted by Paul PROCIV on February 4, 2014